Advantages of Cervical Disc Arthroplasty (CDA)

  • Less invasive than traditional surgeries
  • Rapid post-surgical recovery
  • Can be performed on an out-patient basis
  • Provides distraction/mobility and may prevent “domino lesions”
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Disc replacement3rd generation CDABiomechanical and clinical studies showed the advantages of CDA when compared to other standard surgical techniques. (Vet Surg. Dec. 2007 & JAVMA Sep. 2011)

Recent Studies Demonstrated that CDA had long term 91% success rate and no occruuence of domino lesions. (J Vet Inter Med 23(4), July/Aug 2014; & ACVS Surgery Summit Oct 2014)

Dr. Adamo developed and teaches this technique worldwide, He is the only veterinary neurosurgeon in Northern California offering this technique.

CDA_CT_Jurina anomyzed
CDA_CT_Jurina anomyzed

3D CT Scan of 3rd Generation Adamo Spinal Disc at C6-C7 disc space. Courtesy of Dr. Konrad Juirna