July of 2012

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A website for both pet owners and veterinary professionals regarding Wobbler's Syndrome in dogs. Dr. Filippo Adamo is a specialist of veterinary neurologist in Walnut Creek, California who has designed a new surgical cure for dogs suffering from Wobbler's Syndrome: Artificial Disk Implantation. Dr. Adamo has been treating dogs with Wobbler's Syndrome for over 20 years and has successfully cured over 30 dogs who once suffered from Wobbler’s Syndrome using this new technique.

What is disc associated wobbler syndrome? Disc associated "wobbler syndrome" is a devastating disease of the cervical vertebrae and inter-vertebral discs resulting in cervical canal narrowing and spinal cord compression, which leads to a wobbly gait/walk in dogs and horses (hense the name wobbler syndrome).

Is my dog at risk? This syndrome tends to affect middle aged to older, large-breed dogs (especially the Doberman Pinscher), but it is seen in small dogs as well. The truth is that this crippling condition can affect any dog, any time.

What is the cause of Wobbler's Syndrome? The underlying cause has not been completely determined yet but it seems to be a combination of disc degeneration (when the cushion between the verterbrae break down and no longer provide cushion for the verterbrae bones) and cervical spine instability.

How is this condition treated? The best treatment for this condition is surgery; however the most common surgical procedures are invasive and associated with long post-operative recovery. In addition, they are not able to prevent the occurrence of the problem happening on another location of the spinal cord (this is called "domino lesion" and tends to occur in about 1/3 of the patients). The risk of the surgery, associated with the long post-operative period and the possibility to have the recurrence of the same problem at an adjacent vertebral space are important factors contributing to the pet-owner unwillingness to choose the surgical option.

How is an Artificial Disk Implant by Dr. Filippo Adamo different than traditional surgery? The treatment Dr. Adamo has designed and successfully completed in over 30 dogs within 5 years is the implantation of a metal artificial disk which keeps the vertebrae bones from rubbing against each other. Not only does this technique cure Wobbler's Syndrome but it also prevents the domino lesion side effect of other traditional surgical cures. In addition this technique is minimally invasive, carries minimal risks and the canine patient is able to be released from the hospital and go home the very next day after surgery.

This disease can be very challenging, both for the referring veterinarian and even for the specialist. It may be devastating for the affected dog and very stressful for the family who must to make decisions regarding the care of their pet. Dr. Adamo is able to help your dog and cure he or she of Wobbler's Syndrome with a simple and minimally invasive surgery procedure at his hospital in Walnut Creek, California. He is also available in Redwood City, California for consultation and surgery.

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